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Hey everyone! From the time we first started dating, we talked about an adventure we would both like to do someday. We wanted to visit every Major League Baseball stadium, root for the home team, and try out some of the local food and cultures, as well as visit the closest Latter-day Saint (Mormon) temple in each destination. We had no idea at the time we would be undertaking this goal/adventure together, but a year later here we are and we have started it already. This blog is the place where we want to chronicle our trips and adventures together, as well as just being our general blog about life.

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Josh & Tiffani Decker



Joshua Decker

Deckers- Tiffani, Josh, Laura, Eli, Dennis, and Zach

I was born in Powell, Wyoming, and bounced around a lot early in my life, moving primarily back and forth between Wyoming and Montana. My family moved to Rocky Point Mexico when I was fifteen, a town in which the only good view is it shrinking slowly in your rear view mirror. Eventually we ended up in Utah, which I have had mixed feelings about to say the least. On one hand, adjusting to Utah culture and climate has been a huge struggle, but meeting my wonderful wife here nearly redeems it. My family consists of my empty-nester parents and two little brothers. Zach is 20 and attending BYU fresh off a LDS mission in Ohio, and Eli is getting ready to serve a mission in Nashville. As for myself, I served my mission in Western New York, which to me is one of the greatest places on the planet.

I’m studying IT at UVU right now, so being a huge nerd kind of comes with the territory, thankfully my wife tolerates all of my Star Wars perefenelia and random assortments of tennis and baseball gear. She’ll never admit it, but she’s totally the best ever.

Tiffani Decker

Mohrmans- Joseph, Quincy, Davy, Troy, Deanne, Josh, Tiffani, Mitch, Nikki, Stefi, and Ashlyn

I was born in Provo, Utah and I grew up basically in Payson, Utah. I served a LDS mission the in Uruguay, Montevideo Mission. I studied at Brigham Young University and graduated with a B.S. in Recreation Management. I have (2) incredible parents, Troy and Deanne. I have (3) of best siblings you can have, Nikki, Stefi, and Joseph.  I have (1) awesome brother-in-law, Mitch, (1) very kind and sweet sister-in-law, Quincy, (1) adorable nephew, David, and (2) precious little nieces, Ashlyn and Kendra. And because of Josh, I have wonderful in-laws (Josh will introduce them).

I love the LDS faith. I love to be with family and friends. I love to play and watch sports, particularly softball, racquetball, tennis, and basketball. I love to travel. I am a foodie and chocolate snob. I love to shop. I love to play the guitar. I love weight lifting and yoga. And I LOVE my Joshy!

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