Goodbye 2017, You Spoiled Us

I realize this post is very late. Life has changed a lot for us in the past 6 months, since I wrote the last Decker update. We’ve had some amazing things happen and some of the highlights include: we moved into our first home; we celebrated our 3rd anniversary, we adopted a polar bear (actually a half Pyrenees/Australian shepherd mix huge dog), named Sadie; and we found out we’re expecting our first baby, baby girl in July 2018; and we had a good holiday season!

I had some technical (probably user error) difficulties uploading the pictures so they are pretty scattered time wise, but bear with me, I’ll explain all of them.

Josh and I attended our first Utes football game with box seats. It was pretty spiffy. We have been trying to work out a partnership with Utah for work so we were testing the waters. I personally am against anything Utah but…sometimes you have to do hard things for work. Go BYU!!
In our last few months living in Provo, Josh and I started going to Utah Lake State Park on Sunday mornings for walks and he was teaching me some photography tricks. Here is one of our pictures. It is beautiful in the fall.
Meet Sadie! Our polar bear/dog. We adopted her from a girl who was moving back East and couldn’t take her with her. Since we moved to a home we could have a dog and so we got a dog for Josh’s Christmas present. She’s a sweet and super stubborn puppy, but we love her. Josh and her buddies.
See what I mean by scattered, this is a picture of us in our box seats at the Utah football game. I titled it “The upside down world”- Stranger Things reference. We also finished season 2 of Stranger Things. I liked that way better than Season 1.
Our annual Christmas card. Merry Christmas from the Deckers!
Josh and Sadie getting to know each other. It’s so cute to watch them. Josh is so happy having a dog.
Random Christmas photo of Joseph and Quincy. I took photos of everyone as we were opening our presents and having our Christmas program.
This made me smile. Shortly after we moved into our new home, the firemen drove our new community and gave out treats to children. They also had Santa on top waving and saying hello to everyone. Super cute!
This is Cindy Lou Who, I mean Kendra. Joseph and Quincy dressed her up really cute for Christmas and she is being held by my dad. while everyone opens presents. so cute!!
My sister, Stefi, loves, I mean hates, having her picture taken. So I tried to get a picture of her during all the Christmas festivities.
Another cute picture of Kendra and Oompa.


We had our annual gingerbread competition. Josh and I decided to make a snoopy house in honor of just getting a white puppy.
Joseph and Quincy made candy land. Super creative.
Josh’s grandparents came to visit during Christmas. This is a picture of some of the festivities. It was kind of crazy day. I was pretty sick with morning sickness and I threw up a really delicious prime rib dinner. TMI.
An aerial view of our Snoopy gingerbread house.
My mom watching all the Christmas magic.
And Stefi won the gingerbread competition this year. This is Mordor from Lord of the Rings. She did a pretty impressive job.
A close up of Frodo in lava at Mordor. Nice job Stefi!!
Opening presents at the Deckers.
More opening present fun at the Deckers.
I was having a pretty rough day and Josh took me out to dinner at a new restaurant in Orem called Midici’s. They had the best black cherry, ricotta, nutella calzone ever! Josh was amazed at how much my mood changed :).
I had to share a picture of this handsome man. This was one of the photos we took at Utah Lake, during my photography lesson.
More Utah Lake photos. It was just so pretty this fall, I’m sharing most of them.
Utah Lake selfie
Another handsome photo of my Joshy at Utah Lake
We decided to have a rock throwing contest on a few of our walks and I totally out threw Josh, well not really but it was fun to play.


I really liked this shot of Utah lake in October.
Some work fun. I was trying out some lenses on my camera at work and Eli so graciously posed for me. He’s single ladies! I’d be happy to connect you 🙂
I thought this was a pretty shot with a storm coming in over Utah lake.
Back to work fun photo lenses testing. I love my Joshy!
This is Zach, sorry ladies, he’s already taken.
And this is part of the town where we live now, Stansbury Park, Utah. It is such a beautiful area and we love it!
Welcome to our first home! We love it so much! It was a miracle how it all worked out. At the beginning of 2017, we never expected to be moving from our apartment in Provo. We had a bunch of unexpected expenses and we made a tight budget for ourselves. In September, while I was at work, the mission president for the west Salt Lake mission came to our work to talk to my father-in-law about storing his Airstream trailer. He ended up chatting with Dennis for a while about pros and cons of living in Park City because that was where he raised his family and then he mentioned that he really liked the communities in Tooele county and how it a more rural and open area. I eavesdropped on the conversation and started researching cities in that area. I told Josh about it and he was really excited. He even planned a date night driving out to that area so we could look at the area and some houses. When we went out there, we ran into my old mission companion and family and they took us on a driving tour of Stansbury Park. After that we decided we really liked the area. But we didn’t know the first thing about buying a home. My cousin, Naomi, and I were hanging out and she told me about a first time home buying class she was going to attend. I got really excited and Josh and I decided to take the class together. It was a super informative class and really helped us as began the home buying process. My mission companion recommended her realtor and after the first time looking at homes we found the home we wanted. She made an offer and it was kind of scary because we were competing with some other offers. The owners accepted our offer the second week of October and we moved in a month later. It was amazing how everything fell into place. and a huge blessing from heaven.
Stansbury Park Lake- pretty area!
The Browns came to visit during Thanksgiving. It was SO awesome! I loved being everyone that week. We took extended family pictures and this was cute picture I got of my nephew Davy.
Here is my cute sister and cute niece as we’re getting ready for family pictures.
We celebrated Davy’s 6th birthday and he was super excited to open all his presents.
The Browns have a cool tradition in their family that the sibling gets one present on the other siblings’ birthday. Davy seemed pretty enamored with Ashlyn’s present.
We all like thrift stores and so we went DI with the Browns. Josh and Davy and some fun Jedi action fights.
The battle is on!
Sword check.
Josh was having fun too. SO cute!
We visited the Salt Lake temple with my family to see the Christmas lights. Yep, that is Josh with no coat. He has a crazy internal oven.
Ahhh, Christmas lights 🙂
Mommy/daughter selfie seeing the Christmas lights.
Going back to Midici’s restaurant in Orem. The happy nutella calzone place. This inspired Josh to make his best cheesecake ever, which was black cherry, ricotta, and nutella cheesecake. He is going to make it for my birthday again!!!


In October we took part in the Warren Miller film world premier in Salt Lake City. They featured a Basecamp in the movie and so we brought some information about our dealership to the premier. I designed this banner, which of course, looked better in person :).
The Airstream basecamp parked outside of Abravanel Hall during the Warren Miller premier.
Random photo of I-15 traffic, but we had been commuting from Provo to Salt Lake since we started at the Airstream dealership. It was a gruesome drive and took almost hour sometimes a lot longer each day. This was one of the last times we had to drive it to Provo before we moved. We love our commute now! Crazy enough, we were in a fender bender on I-15 on our way to meet Sadie our dog at the end of November. We were rear ended by a under cover policeman. Kind of ironic. Fortunately, after a few visits to the chiropractor we’re good as new and our new truck, Harry, suffered very little damage. We can’t say the same thing for the policeman’s car. #nodistracteddriving #!!!
We had a date night with Joseph and Quincy to decorate pumpkins. Can you guess who’s is who?
Yes, this is my pumpkin, and yes Airstream is what I think about a lot.
A few more Utah Lake walk pictures, this was just right outside the park.


I loved this one of the mountains.
This is a picture of our apartment in Provo. We lived in it since we first got married, 3 years. We had amazing good times at that place and we’re excited for the new adventures in our new home.
We had extended family pictures with the Deckers in October. It was family photo season. We’ll have to do it next year with our little girl and our new puppy.
No we didn’t damage the tree, just took advantage of previous damage. It was fun because it was like doing an engagement session again. Our photographer was great.
This was fun. Josh worked on our Halloween costumes since May and was able to finish them for our church Halloween party. He did AMAZING. We even won 1st place for best adult costume. 🙂 Joshy is SO talented.
Goofy Star Wars posing.
Serious pilot!
We had a lot of fun in these costumes and a lot of compliments. I was so proud of Josh.
Josh’s mom celebrated her 50th birthday. We celebrated by having a girl’s witches night out at Gardner’s village. It was super fun.
Crazy witch dancing at Gardner’s village.
Josh and celebrated the end of baseball season by going to Buffalo Wild Wings and watching one of the series game. It’s so fun to hang out with him and I’m glad the Astros won. Go underdogs!
I couldn’t get any finished digital photos of the Mohrman extended family photos but this was one of the test pictures. Love family!
We’re super excited and nervous to announce Baby girl Decker coming to join us July 2018! Happy end of 2017!


September Morn

I am one of those people who was born in the wrong era for music. Being the oldest child in my family I tend to live in the past with my music preferences and listen to the stuff my parents listened to when they were growing up. I’m not ashamed about, just explaining my vague Neil Diamond reference title. 😉

Just like June, July, and August, summer flew by. I love the warm weather. It also happens to be the busiest time in the RV industry, for obvious reasons. I was looking through my pictures on my phone and noticed that most of my pictures this summer are of Airstream trailers. Part of my responsibilities at work is managing the online posting of inventory and so my phone is chalk-full of trailer pictures. I’ve included a snapshot of my google photos for proof. 🙂

Trailers, trailers, and more trailers
One of the biggest events of September was that Josh and I bought a truck. We traded in our little GTI for this big old F-150. We were able to get a really good deal because it was slightly used. We decided to name the truck, Harry, Harry the Ford. In honor of one of Josh’s favorite toughest actors, Harrison Ford. ;). We love having an automatic vehicle because we travel I-15 every day and that is pretty tough on a little manual hatch back. We love our new member of the family and hope to keep him for a LONG time. 🙂
Just a little taste of our general I-15 commute 😦 #stopandgo
Josh has been super excited about buying a new truck so he can tinker and install little additions. My own MacGyver (another blast from the past reference :)). He is SO sweet and so far has installed running boards, a foot stool, and seating heaters all because his wife is short and gets cold easy. I once tried to get in the truck with a pencil skirt and I felt like I was doing a gymnastics trick. My neighbors were watching me at the time and were trying not to laugh. I would have totally laughed at myself. Fortunately, no more embarrassing short people problems because we have running boards. Josh was excited to install the seat heaters and spent 8 hours in the rain one Saturday installing them. Unfortunately, the truck blew a fuse and Josh couldn’t get it to restart or the engine to turn over only 1 week after we bought it. He was up most of the night worrying about it but we said a prayer that night and the next morning and Josh worked on it for a few hours and was able to call one of cub scout’s dads’ who is a mechanic to help him fix it. Josh fixed the truck that afternoon and a few days later got the seat heaters to work as well. He’s amazing! #Blessings
Josh and I were able to hang out with his grandparents, Pat and Dennis. It was a lot of fun and we visited Hill Air Force Base and my mom’s old eating ground Burger Bar in Roy. Marriage is super nice because you get extra family!
More details to come, but I had to include a picture of my cousin, Naomi and me. We had a girls night and visited the Provo temple just like old times. It was super fun and I love this girl!
We saw one of the last baseball games of the Salt Lake Bees
Baseball is such a slower pace sport so I can take lots of pictures 🙂
Josh has such a cute face!
The game is about to start!
Pretty mountain view from the field.
This is where Josh and I spend a lot of time. It’s been so fun to be able to work with him again!

At the end of September was the semi-annual LDS General Conference. I LOVE those two weekends each year. One of my favorite messages from this last conference was by President Uchtdorf, he titled it “A Yearning for Home.” He said, “The Lord has established The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to help you in this commitment to serve God and fellowmen. Its purpose is to encourage, teach, lift, and inspire. This wonderful Church provides opportunities for you to exercise compassion, reach out to others, and renew and keep sacred covenants. It is designed to bless your life and improve your home, community, and nation. Come, join with us and trust the Lord. Lend your talents to His wonderful work. Reach out, encourage, heal, and support all who desire to feel and heed the yearning for our supernal home. Let us join together in this glorious pilgrimage to heavenly climes. The gospel is a transcendent message of hope, happiness, and joy. It is the pathway that leads us home. As we embrace the gospel in faith and deed, each day and every hour, we will draw a little closer to our God. Our lives will be better, and the Lord will use us in remarkable ways to bless those around us and bring about His eternal purposes.” Such a happy message. The link is in the title and I encourage anyone to read it.

Anyways, over and out! Happy Thursday!

Pueblo, Baseball, and the Browns

My sister, Nikki, inspired me to catch up on our blog because she has recently done her August month post. Gotta keep up with the Browns 😉

It has been such a busy summer! Josh and I have been working like crazy BUT we also managed to have some fun as well. Josh and I visited Nikki and her family, the Browns in Colorado at the end of August. We wanted to be able to visit them this year as well as catch a Rockies game and visit the Denver LDS temple. It was so fun to check off another MLB game and visit another temple on our life-long goal of attending a game at every MLB stadium and visiting the nearest LDS temple. Sadly, the Rockies lost but it’s always fun to go to a baseball game. Thanks Mitch and Nikki for coming too! We really appreciated their hospitality. We were able to stay and hang out with them and their 2 super cute kids for a weekend. I think their 3 year old daughter, Ashlyn, has a little crush on Josh. 🙂

Coors Field
Group selfie
Waiting for the game to start
Us 🙂
Again, waiting for the game to start 🙂
We tried to do a selfie outside the stadium. You can see my hair 🙂
Coors Field in all her somewhat glory
Mitch and Nikki at the Denver Temple
Joshy and me at the Denver temple
Denver temple
Josh and Ashlyn playing in the park
Davy and myself playing in the park.
Josh always made Ashlyn laugh
Not a great picture of Davy, but he was sleeping while I was swinging him
The kids dressed up like Star Wars’ characters because they knew Josh loved Star Wars 🙂 They make me so happy!

September’s Sleepless in Seattle

I know…a lot of alliteration.

This summer Josh has been super busy working and taking classes so we didn’t have much time for a summer vacation. I was getting a little stir crazy so Josh planned a little getaway for Labor Day. #ilovemyjoshy We are still working on our goal to visit every MLB stadium and nearby LDS temple so Josh planned for us to visit Seattle and see a Mariner’s game and the Seattle temple. I was SO excited when I found out about it! Josh and I love to go on road trips. I was able to get an extra day off work so we could leave Thursday night after work. We drove half-way to Ontario, Oregon and were going to sleeping in our car overnight, but my dad called in the middle of the drive and gave us a hotel night with his points. Very nice! Thanks dad!

We set off again Friday morning. Eastern Washington is so beautiful with all the green pine and mountains. We loved that part of the drive. We arrived in Seattle around 2 p.m. We stopped by the Seattle LDS Temple to walk around because our hotel was only 10 minutes away and we couldn’t check-in our hotel quite yet. After we checked in, we decided to go to Pike Place Market and explore downtown. It was an adventure trying to find where to park and then finding our car afterwards but we figured it out. The market was really neat and we found some used book stores that had a couple of books we have been looking for in our collection. Score! The fish market was also really impressive. They were selling fresh Alaskan King Crab at $99 a leg, and the legs were longer than Josh. Crazy!

Leaving to Seattle
We love to see the temple!
Seattle LDS Temple
Seattle LDS Temple
Seattle LDS Temple
Seattle LDS Temple
Seattle LDS Temple
Seattle LDS Temple
Pike Place Market
Downtown Seattle

Josh has had a goal on his bucket list to try Steelhead Trout, so we were able to find a really good restaurant that was reasonably priced. I tried some Salmon pasta and it was the best salmon I have ever had. #welovefish We walked off the really good food a bit downtown and headed back to our hotel. On Saturday we visited the Seattle Temple, it was rainy and so we bought an umbrella for the rest of the trip. It was probably the most typical souvenir we could have bought. 🙂

Salmon Pasta
Josh enjoying his Steelhead (Even though you can’t see his face).

The weather cleared up and we wanted to try some local pizza. It wasn’t super great, but it was good. Josh really enjoyed it. We spent the afternoon at the beach. I looove the beach so we walked around the boardwalk and saw a baby light house and watched the cruise ships come in and out. Pretty awesome. It was kind of funny because most of the tourists we saw in the area were middle aged and elderly people. I guess we’re a little old for our generation. 🙂

Buffalo Jalapeno Pizza
Restaurant seflie
I love the beach! I love my Joshy!
I love the beach!
I love the beach!
I love the beach!
I love the beach!
I love the beach!
I love the beach!
I love the beach!
I love the beach!

Saturday evening we went to the Seattle Mariners baseball game. It was so fun. I was always a fan of Ken Griffey Jr. growing up (fellow lefty), so it was fun seeing the team with who he mostly played and in the same year he was inducted in the hall of fame. The Mariners played the Angels and lost pretty badly. But we saw some great baseball players, like Mike Trout and Albert Pujols! The Angels hit 3 home runs in one inning, in right, center, and then left. And we saw Pat Venditte, a pitcher on the Mariners, that can pitch ambidextrous, crazy. We had to try the stadium food fare. Josh had a really good hot dog, typical baseball food. I had fresh Sushi. They rolled it right in front of you. I figured I wouldn’t have that opportunity again. I’m pretty addicted to sushi. The weather was great and it was the perfect evening for a baseball game.

SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
I am ambidextrous too!
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
So cute!!
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
I like selfies..
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
Josh humors me well 🙂
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
Hot dog and Sushi! Typical ballpark food 🙂


We went to church on Sunday and then went to another beach to have a picnic. We hiked to a secluded beach and then had a picnic lunch. It was so nice because we were the only ones on the beach. I found a few seashells to add to my collection. We then started our journey home and went to Spokane. We stayed with Josh’s childhood friend Kenny and his wife. They were so nice to host us. We also stopped by the Spokane LDS Temple. That was fun because that particular temple design is similar to both of our mission temples, Palmyra and Montevideo.

Beautiful beach
View from the hike down
Spokane LDS Temple
Spokane LDS Temple
Spokane LDS Temple
Spokane LDS Temple
Spokane LDS Temple
Spokane LDS Temple

img_4867 img_4871 img_4872 img_4869

On Monday, we headed home early and stopped in Missoula, Montana to get some huckleberry jam and chocolate. We also stopped in Idaho Falls to get some potato thickened chocolate milk. So good!

Reed’s Dairy- Home of excellent chocolate milk and huckleberry ice cream
Reed’s Dairy- Home of excellent chocolate milk and huckleberry ice cream
I love chocolate milk!

We had such an incredible adventure. I’m so grateful to my Joshy for planning this trip! #weloveseattle


Opening Day

Softball has started again! Yay! Josh and I have been super excited (and a little nervous) about getting the team together. Sometimes people are flaky. We have a good mix of friends and family on the team. Our team Smushballs, also our sponsor, got off to a good start, which also means we won our first game! My batting needed some work but Josh did great as usual. We both had some good plays. It was a ball! 😉 The team playing after us asked one of the girls to stay and play. I volunteered to play. Josh was great and cheered me on. I love to play softball, but I love to play more with people I know and like. Go Smushballs!

Josh and I kept the party going on Saturday. We invited our siblings over for dinner and to play Star Wars. #nerdfest Josh made lemon basil chicken sandwiches. They were so good! (See recipe posted in “Major League Food.”) Afterwards, Josh, Joseph, and Stefi played Star Wars while Quincy and I played with baby Kendra and made jewelry. Stefi beat the boys. #girlpower Our cousin Naomi also stopped by to visit 🙂 AND we had some FaceTime with my other sister, Nikki, and her son, Davy, in Colorado! It was quite the party. Gotta love weekends!

Stefi being a goober about getting her picture taken with baby Kendra
Stefi still being a goober about getting her picture taken with baby Kendra


The Cousin Clambake

My awesome cousin Naomi planned an awesome cousins gathering last weekend. Go figure. We decided we would invite all the cousins in the area that wanted to come or could come to an action-packed, fun-filled Saturday. The grand total was 5- my cousins Heidi and Naomi came as well as my sister Stefi and Josh and me. We went to the Salt Lake City Temple to do some service. It was beautiful, I love going to the temple. Afterwards, we debated about where to eat and finally decided on Crown Burger (they were also featured on Man vs. Food). Josh tried the classic Crown burger and I had a baby burger. The fries were amazing. After the food, Naomi and Heidi took a detour and went shopping (goobers), while Josh, Stefi, and I went to the baseball game. They eventually made it and the game went to 11 innings. We told them it was because they were late to the game. Sadly, the Bees lost. The finale was the fireworks. We were able to go onto the baseball field and watch the fireworks. Super cool.

It was a great day and everything went as planned except we were missing a few cousins. #nexttime

Cousin selfie
Second attempt
Great day for baseball
Traditional baseball game selfie
Stefi refusing to look at the camera
Stefi being Stefi
“Baseball was, is, and always will be to me the best game in the world.” -Babe Ruth

Farewell Softball (for now) & Hello Tim McGraw

Josh and I had our last softball game on Friday. We made it through one round of the tournament and lost the game by one. Josh played great as usual! I had fun and didn’t do so bad. It was okay that we lost. We didn’t have a regular team each week, so each week was different. It was stressful each week making sure we had enough people to play. The team was sponsored by the company I work for and we were baffled how we couldn’t easily get 10 people to play each week. Oh well, farewell to softball season until August. Josh and I still love playing so much we are starting a co-ed team in August. It will be super fun and *hopefully* people will come.

I love playing softball with Joshy!
Go softball!

Every 4th of July, the city of Provo puts on the “Stadium of Fire.” It is a really cool show with a headline name and lots of a fireworks. This year, Tim McGraw came to perform. My dear cousin/friend Nomi came went with me. Josh hates country music, one of the few points we are exactly opposite. Josh did not want to go at all, but he was really sweet to drive us to and back from the concert. I love, love, love country music and it was so great to see a legend in concert especially with Nomi and for the Fourth, country music is so American. Nomi got us t-shirts that said “Stay humble and kind” that is a line from his most recent single. I got us cowboy hats to wear, so we looked like true fans. Nomi and I sang to almost every song, it was great! It’s kind of funny you go to a concert to sing a long, not just to listen :). Yee-haw!

Blurry fireworks
So awesome!
One more cowgirl picture

On the Road- Arizona

In our intro to this blog, Josh and I mentioned our goal to visit every Major League Baseball stadium and the nearest LDS temple. We talked about this when we were dating and it has been awesome that we get to this together. We went on our first trip last year to the Washington DC and Baltimore Area. What an amazing trip! This last weekend we went on our second trip to Arizona. It was great because Josh’s favorite team is the Arizona Diamondbacks.

My parents gave us some of their extra airplane and hotel points for my birthday so we could go down relatively cheap. Such a nice birthday present. We flew out bright and early Friday morning. Last year when we went to Baltimore, Josh told me it would probably be my last time having to drive us around. It’s a little scary driving in a new city. But…Josh hasn’t turned 25 yet, so I drove again. We survived 🙂 and the experience went mostly without a hitch. I had a bit of a adrenaline rush when a big moving box fell out of a car in front of us and I had to serve and cut off a driver to avoid the box. A semi-truck hit the box after me, which was probably the best because it didn’t do much damage on a big truck. After getting our car, we decided to visit the Gilbert LDS temple first. It is so beautiful. It looks like the Payson, Utah temple. After that, we tried a pizza place called Sal’s Gilbert Pizza, it was featured on “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.” It was really tasty and I really liked the garlic knots. Highly recommended. After resting some we walked over to Chase Field to watch batting practice and tried to get a ball. We weren’t successful but we did eat at one of the field’s restaurants that overlooked the field. Super cool. Josh had nostalgia because his family would come watch games when they lived in Mexico. Josh found some really good seats for us, but I was kind of scared because they were at the edge of the highest deck. I had to take some deep breaths sometimes during the game. 🙂 I’m kind of a chicken and scared of heights. The game was a blowout. The Diamondbacks lost big time to the Rockies and didn’t even score. 😦 Fortunately, the game and atmosphere was fun and we were excited to check another ballpark off the list.

On Saturday we slept in, that was really nice after getting up at 4:30 a.m. the previous day. Josh planned out our Saturday and we went to a lot of different places. We stopped by and took pictures of the Phoenix and Mesa LDS temples. We ate a sub shop called Mike’s Jersey Subs. I was really excited when I found out they have a shop in Utah too. It was yummy! We did some fun and random shopping afterwards. We love thrift stores :). In the evening, we had dinner and visited my dear friends Elder and Hermana Crum. They were are missionary couple I met in Uruguay and helped me so much while I was beginning my mission. I tell people that they helped save my mission. I was really glad that they were able to meet Josh. I love them a lot.

We flew out first thing on Sunday. It was a really quick trip, but so much fun. Everybody needs a little weekend break 🙂

In the airport, getting ready to leave.
Gilbert Temple selfie
Gilbert Temple
Sal’s Gilbert Pizza- Highly recommended
Creative Chase Field shot
Batting practice
Chase Field
Chase Field
Chase Field
View from restaurant in Chase Field
From our seats
From our seats
Fireworks after the game
Panorama of Chase Field from our seats
Phoenix LDS Temple
Phoenix LDS Temple
Phoenix LDS Temple
Phoenix LDS Temple
Mesa LDS Temple- About to rain, when does it ever rain in AZ?
Mesa LDS Temple selfie
Mesa LDS Temple
Josh said we needed a picture with a cactus 🙂




A Castle on a Hill & A Home Run

I first wanted to mention we had our second softball game of the season Friday night and Josh hit a home run with me on base. It was great game and we won our game!! He’s awesome!

I know my birthday was a week ago, but I had one more request for Josh to celebrate my birthday and he kindly obliged. Josh took me to Manti to visit the LDS Manti Temple. It was so beautiful. It’s interesting because Manti is such a small town, but it has a huge building on the side of the mountain as you drive into town that looks like a medieval castle. That huge building is the temple. My cousin Naomi loves Manti and has some really good friends down there so we invited her to come along. We had fun hanging out with her and meeting her friends. We also stopped by a really good pizza place that had ZERO decorations and no menu posted. It just has white walls, kind of funny. It has been around a few years, but apparently they never saw the need to spruce it up. 🙂 Manti is an hour and a half away so that is pretty much how we spent our Saturday, great day!

Manti Temple
Josh, me, and Nomi



Josh Writes a Post!

Despite all appearances to the contrary, this is in fact a couple’s blog, never mind the fact that to date 100% of our posts have been written by Tiffani. I will admit that I’m rather tardy in making my appearance in written form here, especially considering I’m writing about an adventure we had just a shade over a year ago now.

As some of you may know, the genesis of this blog, including our many baseball-related puns, is Tiffani and my mutual love of baseball and our desire to visit every MLB stadium and take in a game, It’ s something we talked about pretty early on in our dating, and though at the time we had no idea we’d be doing it together, it was at least in the back of my mind that she’d be a great traveling companion. So far we’ve checked two stadiums off the list, with a third coming at the end of this month. Today’s post, however, is about those first two.

Our first Christmas together, in 2014, we got one gift that was unique from the others, the opportunity to fly anywhere within the U.S., from Tiffani’s parents. We talked a while trying to come up with the idea of how to use our trip, and of course immediately we realized we wanted to do a baseball trip. Eventually we settled on going to Washington DC, so that we could visit the sites and museums, and hopefully find time to make it to a game in Baltimore as well. finally the date was set, arrangements were made, and on April 6 we started our trip. Thankfully our travel was uneventful, and the first night we were there we stayed with the Croy family in Maryland, whose daughter was good friends with Tiffani.

At the airport, ready to go!

The next morning Brother Croy took us up north to Gettysburg PA, where we walked all along the battlefield, learning a lot from our host along the way. it was a surprise just how big the battlefield was, and hearing the many stories of how it played out was beyond interesting. after spending the morning and most of the afternoon in Gettysburg until we were rained out, we returned to Maryland and I took the opportunity to introduce Tiffani to a place that’s been close to my heart since my first week in New York- Wegmans. We spent a considerable time enjoying the cheese selection and getting subs, and finally we started our trip further south into the DC area.

Gettysburg- April 2014

We stayed the rest of our trip in Laurel, MD, not far from either Baltimore or Washington. Tiffani was pretty apprehensive about driving in unfamiliar territory, but as I’m still under 25 the rental car was left in her hands. She did admirably though. The next day we had planned to visit as many of the landmarks as we could, but in the end we only made it through the national gallery and the air and space museum. I take the blame for that, as staring at airplanes will keep me entertained for hours. After a brief stop to get gyros from a truck we started to make our way out to National’s park for our very first Major League game together.

The Capitol


It was anything other than typical baseball weather. We came early for batting practice, but soon found ourselves taking shelter from the sleet and cold in the restaurant within the stadium. When we were finished we immediately found hot chocolate to keep ourselves warm on the inside, and bought a souvenir blanket for Tiffani to use during the game, which ended up being delayed by an hour due to the rain. Thankfully, the game was played and we had a blast watching as the home team beat Atlanta. That night we slept very soundly, finally being out of the rain and after a considerable amount of walking for the day.

Nationals- Opening week
The game under way
Outside of the stadium

The next day we visited the Washington DC temple, going through the visitor’s center and then going in for a session. It being a weekday in a temple built huge to accommodate an influx of weekend travelers, we had it very nearly to ourselves. It was very peaceful to be in such a large building almost completely devoid of any hustle or bustle, something that is, understandably, hard to come by in the Utah temples. That night we made another stop at Wegmans and made ourselves a dinner of Rochester white hots and baguettes with Brie and jam.

The Washington DC

Our second to last day we met up with Brother Croy again, who this time took us to Dulles, VA, and one of my favorite places to visit- The Stephen F. Uvdar-Hazy center, more commonly known as the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum (and yes, another, different one from the one we visited two days before.) once again Tiffani was a great sport as I regaled her with the history of the Concorde, waxed lyrical about the lines of the F-4 Phantom II, droned on about the benefits of a radial piston configuration for airplane engines, took countless pictures, and so on.

Josh and Brother Croy

plane4 plane3 planes1 shuttle discovery

That night we went to a sushi bar in Washington, the kind with the conveyor belt and endless plates of sushi revolving in front of our table. I ate well, if somewhat modestly. Tiffani, on the other hand, likely reduced the ocean’s population by a full third that night. I had five or so of the small plates that I’d cleared in front of me, and Tiffani had towers of them. Yellowtail, Bluefin, salmon, shrimp, crab, and mountains of sticky rice finally satiated the appetite of the girl who, on that night, could have given any shark in the ocean a run for it when it came to a craving for seafood.

Josh’s plates
Tiffani’s plates- Sushi Queen
Sushi conveyor belt

On our last full day of our trip we were really hoping to see an Orioles game, but there was a problem. Their first series was away, and this day was going to be the home opener, and so our only chance to see them in Baltimore. Tickets for the game we only available in bundles, and resale tickets we prohibitively expensive. Finally the night before the game they opened up single game tickets and we snagged two of them. The game was not near as cold or rainy as the Nationals game was, but we still were happy to find a vendor who sold hot chocolate. The game itself was very fun, we got to watch the Blue Jays, who would end up making it to the ALCS that year, walk roughshod all over the Orioles. Needless to say, the home crowd was upset with the game and the team and life itself.

Opening day at Camden Yards
They have a “Utah” at Camden Yards
Batting practice

When it finally came time to come home, we were happy for the chance to rest a bit, but so happy we were able to do and see and experience all that we did over the course of just under a week. We had an absolute blast on our trip to DC and Baltimore, had a great time getting to know each other even better in ways that we couldn’t just at home, and we got even more excited about our goal. I can’t think of any better way to kick off the Decker’s tour of the majors than exactly how we did it. 🙂