Bye Bye May!

May has come to end. It’s amazing how time has flown this month…like most months. Overall, May has been very good to us and we’ve had lots of adventures. I just posted about about our trip to Jackson we took at the beginning of the month. That was amazing. I can’t say I recommend it because I don’t want the beautiful little town to get even more crowded :D.

We celebrated my sister, Stefi’s birthday when we got back from our trip and went to eat at Hu Hot. She loves her Asian food. Happy Birthday Stefi! A few days after we returned home, Josh got sick and not just sick but strep throat. 😦 He was pretty incapacitated for a little over a week. Fortunately, I didn’t get strep. He did share some of his bug with me, but I am doing much better.

Josh wanted a new phone as an early birthday present because his battery was dying. Our carrier had a really good deal going on and we both ended up getting new phones with really great cameras. That will explain the random pictures in this post. 🙂 We also got a free virtual reality headset with the phones and Josh thought my reaction to it was pretty funny. I think I looked like goofball…I also posted pictures of my family doing it as well a little further down.

It was nice celebrating the wonderful moms and women our life for Mother’s day. We are both blessed with really amazing mothers. We babysat my niece, Kendra Fae, and that was an adventure because she was teething. Before she got ornery, I put little snacks all over the ground and watched her army crawl all over the place to eat them. She loves food! It was hilarious to watch.

Josh and I also picked up my Mom and sister, Stefi, from Colorado and introduced them to an amazing Italian pizza place in Salt Lake City, Settebello Pizzeria where we had pizza, canolis, and gelato! Oh so yummy.

Also in the Decker news, I gave my notice to my current employer after 2 years and I am going to joining the Airstream of Utah team. Thank you Dennis and Laura! I’m going to be the Marketing Manager. Even better, I get to work with Joshy again. I’m really excited about this new opportunity!

From Squire to Airstream. Thank you both for being so good to us!

Josh and I finally felt well enough to have a date night! We tried a new restaurant by our house in Provo called Cafe on Fire, they serve Persian Kabobs. Really interesting…and pretty tasty. My favorite was the steak. After dinner, we walked to a really good ice cream place called Roll With It. They make the ice cream combo you want right in front of you and then roll the ice cream up and put whatever toppings you want. It is pretty unique and SO yummy.


Josh and I decided to take our virtual reality (VR) toy to both of our families and watch them experience it. It is pretty trippy. In general, Josh’s family had better reactions, especially his parents. They were pretty jumpy. 🙂 Sadly, I didn’t take any photos. My family was pretty calm but Joseph gave us the best show and took off the goggles part way through because he was scared of the roller coaster. Thanks for the entertainment Joseph! 🙂 I took pictures of my family doing it because I thought we would get pretty good pictures after doing this with Josh’s family.

Stefi doing VR- It didn’t even phase her.
Mamita doing VR- She got a little nervous, but she was tough
Joseph doing VR- Funny kid
Quincy doing VR- She was braver than Joseph
Dad doing VR- Just chillin’
Kendra just watching everyone do it.
I had to plug in a couple of Kendra Fae pictures from that visit too!- Love that cute little face!
Little Schroeder (ina)

Memorial day weekend was really relaxing and productive. I’m so grateful for all those who served in our military and have protected our freedoms.

We have been still getting over a little sickness but it was fun to have 3 day break. We also celebrated Memorial day in the morning with my parents and had breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I felt like it was a very American thing to do. I think it would be fun to do that in the future. On Sunday, the day before Memorial Day, Josh ran into an old missionary friend and his wife. We invited them over for our BBQ the next day. We cooked ribs, baked beans and bacon, and garlic mashed potatoes and then we had root beer floats for dessert. SO YUMMY! It was fun to hear more about Josh’s LDS mission in New York.

Memorial day ribs!
Memorial day spread
Ribs and us- Also side note and cool feature about our phones is that you can talk to the camera to take a picture, no button required. Super cool!
Rib selfie again

And that’s a wrap!

Goin’ to Jackson, Wyoming in My Mind (And in Real Life)

If any of you are James Taylor’s music fans you should get this post’s title reference. If not, you should become a James Taylor music fan. 🙂

My sweet Joshy spoiled me for my 30th birthday and took me on a super fun getaway to Jackson, WY. If you remember, Josh and I went to Jackson for our honeymoon. We have been back visitng twice to Jackson since our honeymoon but we were just passing through to go onto Yellowstone or on our way home from Idaho.

On my birthday, well actually 2 days before (Josh has a hard time with surprises sometimes 🙂 ) He gave me a decorated envelope with pictures and a travel agenda inside. He wanted me to be able to open a present on my birthday. The trip was planned for the first week of May, after tax season. Crazy time. It was so sweet of him to plan this amazing trip. Buckle your seats and prepare for picture overload… 🙂

A day before we left on our adventure to Jackson, we ate at PF Changs with a birthday gift card I received. They gave us 3 fortunes and we each opened our own fortune and then said the third one was for both of us. This was the fortune, it’s amazing how accurate these things are 😉
Josh and I starting our adventure!
Our first stop was Afton Wyoming where we stayed the night. We both wanted to see the new LDS temple. It is beautiful!
When we arrived in Afton, we walked around the temple grounds and I was picture happy. It’s such a beautiful place!
Star Valley temple selfie
The next morning we visited the temple and did some sealings. We were the only ones there for the first little bit. It wasn’t very busy because it was a Thursday morning so the Temple president gave us a tour of the temple. It was neat!
Star Valley Temple- It’s only been open for 6 months
Star Valley Temple
Star Valley Temple
This is the cabin that Josh rented for us in Jackson. It was SO cute! We loved it! In the evenings we would just sit outside and enjoy the mountain air and read our book together. So relaxing!
As Josh was planning our trip he had planned to take us to Yellowstone again because it is an amazing place. Some of the entrances were open but the southern entrance wasn’t open so we decided to spend our time in the Grand Teton National Park and Jackson. This was still amazing. Welcome to Jackson lake.
Josh is so cute!
Despite all the snow and the lakes being frozen, the weather was beautiful and about 60 degrees. By the afternoon, I had to change in to short sleeve shirts.
Grand Teton National Park
We explored downtown Jackson and did a little window shopping for when we make our millions of dollars 😉
Jackson Town Square- A nice Asian lady took this picture for us, she looked scared to death to take the picture for us but it turned out well 🙂
Downtown Jackson- You can see the Snow King Resort in the background
Jenny lake- Grand Teton National Park
Jenny lake- Grand Teton National Park
Jackson Lake
Teton panorama
Jackson lake
Jackson lake
Josh was being artsy and took this cool photo
Jackson lake
Jackson Lake & Joshy
Jackson lake and Joshy
Grand Teton National Park
The snow banks in some of the area were almost as tall as me!
String Lake- Grand Teton National Park
Just inside the Teton National Park
Teton panorama
Tetons- just inside the park
More lovely Tetons
Funky camera lighting and the Tetons
We made sure to get a lot of selfies
String Lake


Josh was looking forward to eating his buffalo burger the whole trip and we finally found a place for him to eat one. It’s called American Sidewinders and it was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. The food was really good. I ordered Cowboy Mac & Cheese.
This delicious dish was featured on Diners, Drive ins, and Dives at the American Sidewinder. It is called the sidewinder and a mozzarella bread stick. SO GOOD! I didn’t get a picture but we also ate at our favorite pizza place in Jackson, Pinky Gs. It was also featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Our Ann Froman pizza was inspired by their Abe Froman pizza 🙂
More Tetons
We tried to hike up to some waterfalls but there was so much snow and construction we couldn’t make it. So we just walked around and explored 🙂 It was so pretty!
We decided to rent bikes on Saturday and have a picnic and bike along the bottom of the Tetons. The weather was perfect. We saw a buffalo, a coyote, and some hawks and ravens. We biked 26.5 miles. It was quite the bike ride but it was amazing!
It was pretty overcast and raining in parts of the valley but we got pretty sunburned. Fortunately it was our second to last day.
Dinner in Jackson- There are some amazing food places in Jackson. #foodieheaven


You can imagine this was us riding along bike trail, it wasn’t, but they appeared in my Teton shot…
Tetons, deeper into the park
More selfies
String lake- Teton National Park


Selfie again
It’s amazing how deep the snow and also how warm the weather
We ate a really good taco place. Josh ordered BBQ brisket tacos and I ordered yellow tuna tacos. They were really unique but delicious.
This was one of our favorite finds. We both have a huckleberry fettish and we decided to try some huckleberry lemonade. We both loved so we went to the grocery store after and bought one for each of family members and a few for our selves 🙂 #welovehuckleberry



Wrapping Up March

The past few months have been pretty crazy and I haven’t done a good job keeping on the blog. Fortunately, I always take pictures so it is easier to come back and write about what has happened. The next few posts will be our stories in pictures. Enjoy!

This is our niece Kendra Fae. She is the cutest little chubby girl. Josh and I sometimes babysit her and we took her grocery shopping with us one of those times.
Another Kendra Fae picture, I am pretty obsessed. She is really a chill and relaxed little girl, I’m just feeding her while she’s playing with her measuring spoons.
I get obsessed over Kendra Fae and Josh gets obsessed over his brother’s puppy, Chief. Josh loves to play with the little (well not so little anymore) guy. It’s funny because I am a little hands offish about Chief and Josh is hand offish about Kendra Fae. 🙂 I guess when we have kids we’ll have to get a dog as well. 
Josh bought us couch covers for our couches. They were in pretty sad shape. They look so much better!!
I finished another doodle. I called this Urban Springtime. It’s a painted city wall with hints of mountain spring. Sigh…we love the wide open spaces.
Eli (Josh’s brother) had a birthday and turned the big 20. He’s showing his age well in this photo and having a burning match contest with is mom and Joshy seeing who can let the match burn the longest before it gets too hot for your fingers. #boys
One of Josh’s famous calzones. We made calzones for LDS Women’s conference. My mom and sister came over to watch the conference and eat this yummy food!
The only picture I could get of my sister Stefi during the women’s conference meeting. 🙂
The 3 girls watching the LDS women’s conference together 🙂 Stefi is really there…
Josh and I like to go treasure hunting at thrift stores. After we find treasures we disinfect them. Josh is disinfecting some books and games we found. 🙂
Josh and I had a stay-in date night. We made amazing pizzas!
BBQ Chicken & Ricotta
Sausage, Basil, Balsamic vinegar
Sausage and green chilies
My work had a mid-tax season bowling lunch party. I went with my brother and I bowled a turkey!!!! First time ever!
Here’s my brother, the turkey, who I ALMOST beat with my turkey…Sigh….


A Little Bit of March Birthday Madness

The past few weeks have been very busy for Josh and me. It seems like every night we have something going on. Josh started a new job and he has been really enjoying it, he even gets to ride the train so he doesn’t have to fight terrible 1-15 traffic. We’re both grateful for that one.

My near and dear cousin Naomi turned the big 3-0 last week and so Josh and I threw her an early birthday surprise party at Buffalo Wild Wings during a BYU basketball game. She loves BYU athletics. It was a lot of fun and we had a good turnout. We were pretty sneaky and she was very surprised. 🙂 Happy Birthday Nomi!!

Party with the birthday girl at Buffalo Wild Wings. Thanks to everyone that could come!
My dad was able to take a picture anyways.
Birthday girl flashback- we went to a Tim McGraw concert this past summer! Happy Birthday Nomi!! Love ya!

The next week my dad invited us to a concert by Kenneth Cope.  He is an LDS, Christian singer who also was an LDS missionary companion to my dad in Switzerland/France. A lot of people haven’t heard of him but I grew up listening to his music and he partially inspired me to learn to play the guitar. I even had one guitar lesson from him when I was 12. It was so neat to hear his best songs and such a beautiful and inspiring concert. Josh didn’t love it, but I’m grateful he came along :). #compromise

I have a picture of Kenneth Cope teaching me the guitar, if I can find it I will post it. 

Some neighbors invited us to play games the next day. Josh and I played ping-pong and for the first time since we’ve been married and I beat him twice. It was amazing! The last time we played which was when we were dating…I lost…barely. There was a bit of fluke between games and he beat me once but it was just fluke. The important thing was that I won .:)

Scouts have gone really well this month, we just finished the Fix-it badge. Josh is so good with the little Webelo scouts. We have a nice group of 2 boys :). I’ve really enjoyed having this responsibility with Josh.

Josh has designated Friday nights as date night! Since we’re so busy we’ve had to designate one night for our dates. Two Fridays ago, Josh made me yummy homemade sushi and we went to the LDS Provo Temple and Waffle Love. It was a great night! He spoiled me this last Friday and took me to Red Lobster because I LOVE fish (Josh calls me a shark) and because we’ve been doing pretty well at sticking to our budget. We’ve been married for a little over two years and we’re just starting to figure this out. 🙂 I ordered shrimp and lobster and it was divine! Thanks Joshy!

On Saturday, my extended family had a birthday party for my wonderful grandma who just turned 85. We went to the LDS Ogden Temple and afterwards we ate at Chuck-a-Rama to celebrate. It’s my grandma’s favorite restaurant. Josh and I finished a little earlier than everyone else at the temple so we went and helped my sister babysit my brother’s daughter, Kendra Fae. I love that little girl. You’ll see my ode to her at the end of this post. She just started wearing a head shaping helmet because the doctor said her head was too flat. She looks like an adorable little football player. Back to the event at hand, it was great visiting with family! My grandma and Naomi share the same birthday. Happy Birthday Grandma! Josh and I were pretty exhausted afterwards but we stopped at a local thrift store so Josh could look for some various things for work. We ended up finding Yahtzee for $2. What a deal.

Happy 85 Grandma!
Eatin’ at Chuck-a-Rama
Trying to get more people in the picutre. 🙂
Kendra playing model for me-  Soooo precious
Kendra playing model for me. Such a cutie!
I’m an obsessed aunt. “Are you ready for some football?” 
Such a sweet baby!

Well, off to more adventures… Remember to fill out your March Madness brackets 🙂




The Road to Colorado

Josh and I had such a fun Thanksgiving Holiday. We drove to Pueblo, Colorado to visit my sister and her husband and two kids. It was quite the party. We did a lot of cooking, eating, relaxing, and playing. On Thanksgiving Day, Josh and Mitch, Nikki’s husband, played a little turkey bowl football. It was kind of a chilly day and so Nikki, me, and the kids ended up cheering them on from the car. After football, we started cooking up a storm. Nikki made some tasty turkey, Mitch made some yummy pumpkin pie, and we helped with sides. On Friday, Nikki and I set out for our favorite stores to do some black Friday shopping. The boys got their shopping in as well. Josh and I made steaks and mashed potatoes for dinner. So yummy. On Saturday we relaxed, played in the park, made chicken wings, and watched football. Pretty chill. It was such a nice getaway. The Browns were so good to us and it was a blast hanging out with all of them. We didn’t get too many pictures, we were so busy playing, but here are a few.

Turkey Football. Josh is in the gray sweats and Mitch is in the green shorts.
In between plays
Mitch getting read to throw to Josh. (Mitch in green shorts and Josh in gray sweats)
Ducky prepping her turkey. She was like a proud parent 🙂
Davy helping make cornbread. Such a cute little face!
After dinner selfie!
Josh made an ice cream on Friday. Nothing better than steak, potatoes, and ice cream.
I thought this was a funny picture. The football game is on to the left. Nikki is preparing her church lesson and Mitch is looking something up.
My favorite man and my favorite little guy.
Watchin’ a movie. We watched Argo (edited) and it was a good movie. I highly recommend watching it on VidAngel.
Driving home 😦 But the roads were mostly clear. Big blessing.


When Josh and I were sick with our colds, I watched a lot of Chopped. Chopped is a TV series on Food Network about 4 chefs who cook an appetizer, entree, and dessert each consecutive round. A chef is eliminated or “chopped” after each round for making the worst dish. The winner takes home $10,000. Each round the chefs are given 4 random ingredients that they must incorporate in their dish. It ranges from obscure, to random, to silly, to interesting, and everything in between. It’s pretty impressive what these chefs can do in 30 minutes. I generally can only watch so many episodes before it getting too dramatic to me. Each chef has a sob story to make the show more interesting. I personally prefer to avoid the drama and just watch what they can cook. I asked Josh to do an entree round Chopped battle for our Friday night date. He agreed and we were excited. We each wrote down 5 ingredients and randomly drew our 4 ingredients. We did our protein drawing separately so made sure we had a good protein. The 4 ingredients we drew were Sushi rice, bacon, cream cheese, and won-ton wrappers. We went to the grocery store and picked out the 4 ingredients and then we went our separate ways for about 15 minutes and picked up the rest of our ingredients. Josh made Chimichurri macaroni and cheese and Chimichurri chicken, bacon rice. Both were delicious. I made chicken, bacon, cream cheese won-tons and Spanish rice with Sushi rice. It worked well but not togehter. I liked the won-tons. We both judged that both of our dishes weren’t very cohesive. Josh, of course, killed it with the Macaroni and Cheese and therefore beat me. 😦 1 for Josh. Good job! 🙂 I highly recommend doing this as a date night. So fun!

I also included a picture below of Josh’s amazing craftiness. He just finished a Boba Fett helmet from Star Wars and I wanted to brag about that. He’s so talented!

The 4 ingredients…da da da. Cream cheese, Sushi rice, bacon, and wonton wrappers
Our grocery run
Josh’s cute face and his winning dish
Josh’s winning dish
My dish- the runner up
Josh’s latest amazing creation- Boba Fett from Star Wars

Workin’ Celebration

Happy news, my dad found a new job. Congrats dad! On Saturday we decided to celebrate by having pizza, garlic knots, and cheesecake. Yummy! We made some of the old favorites and tried out some new flavors. My dad, mom, my brother, and his wife, Quincy, and baby came. It was a fun little party. We’re all so grateful he found this job. Prayers are answered!

The pizza spread 🙂
Josh’s famous (relative) cheesecake
Side shot

My Sweet Joshy!

Josh is the most wonderful husband! I can’t believe sometimes how blessed I am to be his wife. The past few weeks have been kind of challenging for me so Josh decided to surprise me and make me a delicious candle lit dinner. So sweet and kind! He made me lobster and linguine. I am part whale and I devour fish whenever it is placed in front of me. Josh thinks it is so funny, but I seriously love to eat fish especially lobster, shrimp, and sushi! #fishaddict

I’m so grateful that even when things are hard sometimes it is so nice to come home and be with my amazing Joshy! Thank you Joshy!

Blurry alert- Beautiful candle lit dinner prepared by my Joshy!
Lobster linguine- my favorite!
A little closer look

Hello Fall!

I love Fall time and Fall time in the mountains with Josh is the best! After a very busy week and big party on Friday, Josh and I decided to take Saturday a little slower and go up to the mountains. We decided to make Dutch Oven Mac & Cheese. A new one for us. We drove up Hobble Creek Canyon and found a fire pit by a little stream. It was pretty secluded and really relaxing. We brought the Mac & Cheese to bake in the fire, stuff for s’mores, and my guitar to sing along to. It was a super fun evening. The Mac & Cheese turned out really good and had a nice campfire sizzle. Josh made some awesome giant s’mores for dessert. Josh even threw in a couple of ghost stories. It was a very classic campfire evening! I love hanging out with Joshy and I’m so grateful we go on such fun adventures!

Pre-baked Mac and Cheese
Josh and his fire…:)
Josh and his fire again 🙂
Mac & Cheese bakin’
Heat distorted picture
Another attempt
Mac and Cheese bakin’
Josh doing his thing!
Pretty area
Right by a stream
Josh enjoying his creations!
A close up! It was SO yummy!
Right out of the fire!
Top dinner off with a giant s’more
Josh was super proud of his toasting abilities 🙂 *Heat distorted*
Pretty fire
Last picture of the night. Josh’s cute face.

September’s Sleepless in Seattle

I know…a lot of alliteration.

This summer Josh has been super busy working and taking classes so we didn’t have much time for a summer vacation. I was getting a little stir crazy so Josh planned a little getaway for Labor Day. #ilovemyjoshy We are still working on our goal to visit every MLB stadium and nearby LDS temple so Josh planned for us to visit Seattle and see a Mariner’s game and the Seattle temple. I was SO excited when I found out about it! Josh and I love to go on road trips. I was able to get an extra day off work so we could leave Thursday night after work. We drove half-way to Ontario, Oregon and were going to sleeping in our car overnight, but my dad called in the middle of the drive and gave us a hotel night with his points. Very nice! Thanks dad!

We set off again Friday morning. Eastern Washington is so beautiful with all the green pine and mountains. We loved that part of the drive. We arrived in Seattle around 2 p.m. We stopped by the Seattle LDS Temple to walk around because our hotel was only 10 minutes away and we couldn’t check-in our hotel quite yet. After we checked in, we decided to go to Pike Place Market and explore downtown. It was an adventure trying to find where to park and then finding our car afterwards but we figured it out. The market was really neat and we found some used book stores that had a couple of books we have been looking for in our collection. Score! The fish market was also really impressive. They were selling fresh Alaskan King Crab at $99 a leg, and the legs were longer than Josh. Crazy!

Leaving to Seattle
We love to see the temple!
Seattle LDS Temple
Seattle LDS Temple
Seattle LDS Temple
Seattle LDS Temple
Seattle LDS Temple
Seattle LDS Temple
Pike Place Market
Downtown Seattle

Josh has had a goal on his bucket list to try Steelhead Trout, so we were able to find a really good restaurant that was reasonably priced. I tried some Salmon pasta and it was the best salmon I have ever had. #welovefish We walked off the really good food a bit downtown and headed back to our hotel. On Saturday we visited the Seattle Temple, it was rainy and so we bought an umbrella for the rest of the trip. It was probably the most typical souvenir we could have bought. 🙂

Salmon Pasta
Josh enjoying his Steelhead (Even though you can’t see his face).

The weather cleared up and we wanted to try some local pizza. It wasn’t super great, but it was good. Josh really enjoyed it. We spent the afternoon at the beach. I looove the beach so we walked around the boardwalk and saw a baby light house and watched the cruise ships come in and out. Pretty awesome. It was kind of funny because most of the tourists we saw in the area were middle aged and elderly people. I guess we’re a little old for our generation. 🙂

Buffalo Jalapeno Pizza
Restaurant seflie
I love the beach! I love my Joshy!
I love the beach!
I love the beach!
I love the beach!
I love the beach!
I love the beach!
I love the beach!
I love the beach!
I love the beach!

Saturday evening we went to the Seattle Mariners baseball game. It was so fun. I was always a fan of Ken Griffey Jr. growing up (fellow lefty), so it was fun seeing the team with who he mostly played and in the same year he was inducted in the hall of fame. The Mariners played the Angels and lost pretty badly. But we saw some great baseball players, like Mike Trout and Albert Pujols! The Angels hit 3 home runs in one inning, in right, center, and then left. And we saw Pat Venditte, a pitcher on the Mariners, that can pitch ambidextrous, crazy. We had to try the stadium food fare. Josh had a really good hot dog, typical baseball food. I had fresh Sushi. They rolled it right in front of you. I figured I wouldn’t have that opportunity again. I’m pretty addicted to sushi. The weather was great and it was the perfect evening for a baseball game.

SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
I am ambidextrous too!
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
So cute!!
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
I like selfies..
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
Josh humors me well 🙂
SafeCo Field- Seattle Washington
Hot dog and Sushi! Typical ballpark food 🙂


We went to church on Sunday and then went to another beach to have a picnic. We hiked to a secluded beach and then had a picnic lunch. It was so nice because we were the only ones on the beach. I found a few seashells to add to my collection. We then started our journey home and went to Spokane. We stayed with Josh’s childhood friend Kenny and his wife. They were so nice to host us. We also stopped by the Spokane LDS Temple. That was fun because that particular temple design is similar to both of our mission temples, Palmyra and Montevideo.

Beautiful beach
View from the hike down
Spokane LDS Temple
Spokane LDS Temple
Spokane LDS Temple
Spokane LDS Temple
Spokane LDS Temple
Spokane LDS Temple

img_4867 img_4871 img_4872 img_4869

On Monday, we headed home early and stopped in Missoula, Montana to get some huckleberry jam and chocolate. We also stopped in Idaho Falls to get some potato thickened chocolate milk. So good!

Reed’s Dairy- Home of excellent chocolate milk and huckleberry ice cream
Reed’s Dairy- Home of excellent chocolate milk and huckleberry ice cream
I love chocolate milk!

We had such an incredible adventure. I’m so grateful to my Joshy for planning this trip! #weloveseattle