A Month of May

I’m amazed at how fast time flies. I say a lot as I get older, sometimes the moments are a little slower but looking back it goes so fast. We had a lot of blessings in May, just like every month but here are some of those happy moments.

I’m so happy I get to work with Joshy. We even get to work in the same office. We went to the Cabela’s in Farmington and the Cabela’s in Lehi and were able to show trailers to customers coming in and out of the store. Josh thinks it is funny that I always take a picture of these shows but I like to remember all times with him, even work. He has such a cute face πŸ™‚
I ordered some really cute prints for our baby girls’ room and found frames for them. We’re still in the process of organizing the room but I am super excited to hang these up. Each girl is cartoon drawing of a woman in the scriptures and then a young woman value is associated with each picture. The young women values are Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice and Accountability, Good works, Integrity, and Virtue. I hope our baby girls can be grow up to be a woman who honors these values and strives to implement them daily in her life.
Random picture I know, but I like bragging about my creative husband. He built this chair. There was a broken seat from one of the motorhomes in our shop and he took a apart an office chair and combined the two. It’s amazing what he can build and make.
A chaiir view from the bottom.
This is another project Josh was working on, we actually did this one together. It was a sign for our sister-in-law for their new home. We wood burned the word “Home” on a piece of wood with a Harry Potter theme because she loves Harry Potter. I sadly forgot to take a picture of the finished product but we thought it looked cool.
I was playing with a collage app on my phone and decided to make a current family photo. I’m excited when we can take an official one πŸ™‚
During a shopping trip for one of our events at work, I found these at Harmons. On my mission one of my companions and I would buy a couple of these every morning before we headed out for the day at a local almacen (tiny grocery store). They are actually from Spain. I was pretty happy when I found them here and had to take a picture to text my old mission companion. πŸ™‚
These cookies are actually from an event in April. But it was a fun event to plan. We had a brand new model trailer unveiling called the Nest and so I ordered thse cookies so we could serve them to customers who came in that weekend. Dennis couldn’t wait to have one because he loves sugar cookies. πŸ™‚
The honored brand new Airstream model, The Nest.
Josh went back to his Wyoming roots and got his first gun. His smile tells it all, he was like a kid in a candy store. He bought a 1943 rifle and then refurbished the wood stock and added a bayonette. Amazing work!
Crack shot. This gun is huge and the length of the gun is taller than me.
This event is from the Cabela’s in Lehi, the first was the Cabela’s in Farmington.
The Cabela’s in Lehi had a cool metal elk statue and I was trying to be creative with the trailers for our social media πŸ™‚
Since Josh got a gun, we went shooting with his brother and dad. It was a lot of fun. Josh’s gun was the only gun to make baby girl Decker jump though. πŸ™‚
Decker boys with their guns.
I was able to shoot some of the guns and even did pretty good with a rifle (that’s all the name of the gun I know). I was surpirsed being able to shoot being 7 months pregnant πŸ™‚
Josh and I got a firepit in our back yard and had a beginning of summer cook out with hot dogs and smores. I love our little adventures.
Sadie got a little bored at work and decided to jump on my desk at me and say hello. I’m so glad we can take her to work with us.
My sister and friend kept wanting a picture of me pregnant, so I obliged and asked Josh to take one. Each trimester has had its own adventures. I’m glad I’m on the last one. πŸ™‚


A Month of Love- February 2018

Josh and I celebrated Valentine’s Day in our new home. Josh spoiled me and made a delicious steak and shrimp dinner and then a black cherry, ricotta, and nutella cheesecake. He even shaped the herb butter into a heart. It was incredible. I love how even thought we’re a little over our 3 year anniversary, we still have a lot of fun together and still have really fun and romantic evenings together.


Dinner for 2 πŸ™‚
Josh is letting the steak rest
Josh and his cute face
Black cherry, ricotta, and Nutella cheesecake


Josh finishing up the final touches

I also received a new calling in my new ward. I am the Young Women’s secretary, it is the first time in Young Women’s since I was a young woman, 12 years ago. I am getting old. I am still getting used to the new responsibilities but I am surrounded by great people. This is one of the first activities I attended. The girl’s planned a Chopped competition with the Bishop as the judge.

One group just presented their dish to the Bishop
The girls cooking away

Happy 2018!

I didn’t take a lot of pictures in January. It was a busy but not a super memorable month. We have been getting settled in our new home in Stansbury Park. We love the area and our home! Josh and I also attended the Salt Lake Home Show at the Mountain America Expo Center. We covered the Airstream booth for 3 full days. It was exhausting but fun to work with my Joshy. It was a super busy show and the Airstream trailers were put in the same areas as tiny houses. It was good to get some brand awareness because the winter is a slower time for RV dealerships. Our puppy, Sadie, has been adjusting to us and she comes to work with us every day. I caught this cute picture of her “working” at her desk.

A super exciting bit of news is that we found out the gender of our baby earlier than usual. We decided to take the blood test to test for any disorders and we were able to find out the gender. It is amazing that we can find out so soon, but I don’t recommend taking the test, the company is a little shady and it might be very expensive. I still have been struggling with morning sickness which really should be termed “all day” sickness. But as I am writing this in April, I can tell you I survived. πŸ™‚

baby girl first ultra sound
The first baby girl ultra sound, baby girl Decker πŸ™‚
The Airstream set up
Josh answering questions


Sadie working away.
Random pic I found on my phone that I took in January. Josh has the craziest, thickest hair. I wish we could switch hair πŸ™‚