#1 Pizza

The other day while Josh was working on his finals for the semester, I was surfing through Netflix and found this show called The Pizza Masters. I was pretty excited about it because my favorite food in the whole wide world is…PIZZA. I am very committed to finding good pizza. I love pizza so much that when I went to Italy a couple years ago, I ordered pizza at all the restaurants in all the towns I visited trying to find the best Italian pizza. It was a challenge and I never really found it because we had a layover in New York City right before we headed overseas so I had the delicious New York thin crust pizza fresh on my taste buds and fresh to compare. The Pizza Master follows a couple of loud, obnoxious, Italian American, pizza restaurant owners, across major cities in the USA searching for the best pizza and some other random food. I was quite disappointed about the show, but it really made me crave Josh’s pizza. Josh’s pizza is amazing! I never liked homemade pizza before I met Josh. With Josh’s pizza you can have the delicious taste and quality of restaurant style pizza right from your own oven. I sound like a commercial, but it is seriously incredible. My favorite!

For my birthday 2 years ago, I asked Josh for a pizza party. We invited a bunch of friends and family over and Josh made 14 pizzas. Bless his heart, especially with one oven. But he guessed right and we only had a pizza and a half left over. Throughout our time together we have entertained many people with Josh’s wonderful pizza. We like the traditionals like sausage, but we also like to branch out. Here is a list of our favorites.

The Joshy C. Decker- sausage, green chilies, mozzarella, tomato sauce with chipotle, and red pepper flakes.

Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo (yes, that’s a real sentence)- blue cheese/ranch cream sauce, mozzarella, buffalo sauced chicken, a little bit of blue cheese crumbles, and red onion (just for me, Josh hates onions). (Picture below)

5 Courses of Steak- steak, mozzarella, chopped peppers, Gorgonzola cheese and minced garlic butter, and tomato sauce. (Picture below)

Ann Froman – Sausage, mozzarella, fresh basil, tomato sauce, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

The JaQK- Alfredo cream sauce, Italian seasoned chicken, asparagus pesto, and mozzarella, and Parmesan cheese. (Picture below)


5 Courses of Steak
Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo
Margarita & Sausage
The JaQK

Josh’s Pizza Crust Recipe

1 cup flour

Parsley, Oregano, and Crushed pepper (if you like heat)

2 egg whites

1 tsp. of olive oil

1 tsp. gluten

1 envelope of dry yeast

1 1/2 cups warm water


Turn the oven on to 500 degrees. Mix all the dry ingredients together, except the yeast. Add the egg whites and olive oil. Mix the yeast in the warm water and wait for the yeast to bloom. After the yeast blooms, add the yeast water until you get the dough to a right consistency. Not to dry, not to wet. Let the dough rise for at least an hour. Roll out the dough very thin and bake for a couple of minutes. Take out and add your favorite toppings.  Bake for 8-10 more minutes. Keep an eye on it. Enjoy!

We’re finally at the end of our top 10 list. We have taken a few detours but the list is finally finished. We hope you enjoy our favorite foods and try them for yourself. Happy Eating! Buen Provecho!

#2 Lasagna

We’re getting to the top of the list! Our diet has kind of messed with this list because we don’t cook as often these kind of dishes. We used one of our cheat meals so we could keep going on our top ten.

Long ago, for our third date, Josh suggested that we cook a meal together. I had enjoyed cooking growing up and I was like, “Sure, that would be fun.” We went to his apartment and cooked Lasagna, It was like lasagna I have never had before. It was so good. #lotsofsausageandcheese. Josh gets the prize for best lasagna I have ever had.

What I remember most about that meal was the fact that Josh was shaking, physically shaking. He was on a pretty strict diet when we first met and had lost 90 pounds. Very impressive. He was getting close to his goal body fat percentage and so he decided to starve himself all day so he could enjoy the lasagna that night. I remember being pretty concerned about him and thinking he was slightly crazy for dieting like that. Because Josh cooks for a restaurant, we ended up making two large pans. He begged me to take the leftovers home or he would eat it all and it would be terrible for his diet. I kindly took the rest of the pan we ate from and he gave the rest to his brother. Every now and then, especially now that we are dieting, I tease him that he better not get that skinny again and shake like that.

He just rolls his eyes. 🙂

Josh’s Lasagna

1 box of lasagna noodles

2 cans of tomato sauce

4 oz of cream cheese

16 oz of ricotta cheese

1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese

1 pound of Italian sausage 

1/4 cup white cooking wine

1 bag of shredded mozzarella cheese





Fresh Basil


Start by putting the noodles in boiling water and salt. Cook the noodles for the exact time listed on the noodle box. Our box said around 8 minutes. Remove from water and rinse with cold water. Saute the sausage in a pan until brown. Add tomato sauce. Add seasonings to taste, basil, salt, and oregano. Add cream cheese and white wine. Stir and let simmer on low heat. Mix ricotta cheese in a bowl with Parmesan cheese. Add seasonings to taste, parsley, oregano, thyme, basil, and salt. Set aside. Assemble by layering parts in a 9X13 pan. Put a thin layer of sauce on the bottom, layer noodles, spread ricotta mixture on noodles, spread tomato sauce over the cheese noodles, top with mozzarella cheese. Repeat until the pan is full, end with a layer of noodles. Sprinkle mozzarella cheese on top and a few fresh basil leaves. Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes. Eat!

Buen provecho!




#3 Chicken Enchiladas

When I was growing up, I loved to cook. I’m not sure if Josh believes that, but it’s true.* I remember always watching cooking shows and wanting to try different recipes growing up. It was a great creative outlet for me. After serving an LDS mission and living in Uruguay for a year and a half, I brought home some fun little souvenirs AKA parasites. My desire to cook and eat food left me for the next few years. Even as my stomach improved, my fast paced life and slightly lazy about cooking attitude, stepped in. Hence, when Josh and I were dating, I was eating beets out of can. My stomach has healed a lot and I’m doing much better than when I was first home. This recipe I’m sharing is one that I learned and loved before my mission. It has always been one of my favorites. On a funny, gross side note, the first time I made this for Josh, I vomited. We were just dating and I think I was super nervous cooking for Josh. 🙂 This past Father’s day, my Dad said he remembered those enchiladas and asked if I would make them for him for Father’s day. I happily obliged. They turned out really good and it made me want to add them to our top ten list.

Chicken Enchiladas

Tortillas (Any kind, I prefer flour)

1 package of cream cheese

1 cup chopped red pepper

5 standard size chicken breasts chopped

Cumin (to taste)

Salt and pepper (to taste)

2 tablespoons of taco seasoning

1 can of green chilies

1 tablespoon of minced garlic

1/2 cup of chopped onion (any kind, I like yellow)

Cheese (any kind, I like cheddar and cojita)

Saute the garlic and salt in a cooking pan, add the chopped chicken and season with taco seasoning, salt, pepper, and cumin. Add the peppers, onions, and chilies and cook over medium low heat. Mix in the cream cheese and put on low heat.


1 can of cream of chicken

16 oz of sour cream

1 cup of milk

Cayenne pepper to taste

Salt to taste

Chopped jalapeno (optional, to taste)

Mix these ingredients in a separate bowl and add 2 tablespoons of sauce to the chicken mixture on the stove.

Spray the 9″x13″ cooking pan with cooking spray. Add 1/4 of a cup of chicken mixture to the tortilla and sprinkle with cheese, roll it up and put in the pan. Continue until the pan is full. Pour the sauce over the top the tortillas and sprinkle cheese on top. Cover the pan with tin foil and bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes.

enchiladas 1
The creation process 🙂

I really love these enchiladas and I hope you do to!

*Josh does pretty much all the cooking in our home. I’m extremely grateful for that!